National Road Yard Sale 2017

National Road Yard Sale

Historic US 40 – The National Road

 824 Miles of Roadside Treasures Crossing 6 States

National Road Yard Sale
National Road Yard Sale

National Road Yard Sale is your source for traveling, advertising yard sales, advertising and marketing of your business on the Historic National Road and promoting your events on the National Road.  This year the National Road Yard Sale starts May 31st and runs until June 4th, 2017, plan a one or two day trip along the National Road and visit all of the National Road Yard Sales along US 40 where you will find thousands of families and Vendors selling their wares just as they did in the beginning.  Additionally stop at many of the Historic National Road businesses along the route, please let them no that you decided to make this journey because of us so we will be able to continue to grow.

National Road Yard Sale – Family Yard sale Listings

For the National Road Yard Sale you will find Family Yardsale listings on are Free and your business listings will be only charged a modest amount to place a business listing on National Road for the entire year making it one of the best forms of advertising you can do.  On National Road Yard Sale you can learn how to properly plan for your yard sale


National Road Yard Sale 2017 is just around the corner!   The big event for the National Road Yard sale falls May 31 – June 4th