Building Local Business

Map of the Historic National Road

Building Local Business on the National Road

Building Local Business on the National Road
Building Local Business
on the National Road

There are many articles on the history of the National Road so I would rather not concentrate on the past but on building the future and remembering the past since the past will become forgotten if we do not build a future.  Businesses continue to thrive on the the National Road today as the interest in the past continues to grow as shown on Route 66,  well the National Road is a heck of a lot older than Route 66 and has much more nostalgia the National Road Yard Sale is popular in some areas an has not quite picked up in others so I think the key is to concentrate on community sales as opposed to individual sales so that potential customers do not have to stop and start constantly along their route.

Building Community Yard Sales

Additionally if communities plan to have yard sales in central locations food vendors and local hotels and motels will also benefit from the traffic in addition the event will bring in visitors that will spend the night in the area so a to see all that is happening, a bit of planning is the key to building a destination. With planning these summer events you will need to advertise and market the event and that is where we can come in since we have created venues where you can advertise your yard sale events for free and for a nominal fee for businesses they can advertise their services which enables all businesses to benefit.

Planning a Yard Sale Event

Our sites include for advertising your yard sales for free and not just for the events which by the way I feel can also be extended to possibly a summer monthly event so as to bring consistent business throughout the summer season for many local businesses as to a one shot deal.  Plan these events on weekends when the are may not have much happening so as to keep the flow of business rolling for the entire summer.   To many times I see where planning for one event takes business away from a similar event for which you can move to another weekend and benefit from keeping both events happy with the outcome or even have one flow into another where the event may last a week as opposed to a day.


Building Business with a Yard Sale Event is for businesses to list their services and specials they might offer,  you can edit your listing when ever you want and the basic listing is only $39.99 per year which makes it extremely affordable for any business, to be honest it is a no brainer.   I feel that when the business and communities work together things will happen and we can build on our history to make a future which is a win win for communities along the Historical National Road.

I hope that we have offered some insightful ideas that will help your local community build additional revenue for your day to day operations and build local business in your community which will also build more revenue.