Travel the National Road

Travel the National Road this summer and explore some history of our country, their are many unique shops, family owned restaurants, historic motels where you can park at your door, museums, historic bridges, historic brick roads and so much more.  Plan your trip to unwind and leave the stress of the city behind, do not make your trip a rush but start with the mindset that you are going to enjoy a laid back weekend.

Explore the Historic National Road

Travel the National Road
Travel the National Road

The weekends are always a great time to explore the Historic National Road also known as US 40 which crosses 6 states though you do not have to cross all of the state in a weekend, start by enjoy the National Road in your state and when you have seen all that needs to be seen you can move on to the next state.  Weekends are great though because many people are out having yard sales where you can pick up on some great deals and potentially some lost treasures, you just do not know.  When we raised our kids we would make the weekends like an adventure where we would hit yard sales or garage sales to see what type of deals we could find of course today I am trying to sale all of the deals that I got then, though now we call them treasures.

I have been in the lodging business now for over 37 years, last year I put in an antique shop which my wife runs with our son in law so the tradition continues, at first last year we were looking to buy a shop but then I thought Why?  Many years ago I cleaned out one section of my large property so I cleaned up the open space and made it an Antique shop and more where we sell many of the items we purchased all of those years ago plus treasures my wife continues to find on her weekend excursions though now with the grand kids but none the less it is still fun.  Weekends are also fun to hit up auctions, normally at auctions  you can also find much homemade cooking at prices you cannot beat so it really is fun to make a day or weekend of it.

National Road Antiques – Norwich Antique Shop

We will be opening our shop on May 3 this year and are in the process of adding a sign to the building though last year we had the sign on the entry and found most people could not find the building so this year I am adding a sign on the building also.   Should you happen to be in the area fill free to stop in an look at some of our treasures and even stay at our historic property, Baker’s Motel was built in 1937 at it present location though this past year I found out from some locals that just over the hill was the original site of Baker’s Motel then in 1937 it moved to the top of the hill where it remains today.

Staple in American Life – Garage Sales and Yard Sales

With all that is changing in the world today I see the one constant as yard sales and garage sales these remain great opportunities to pick up many items at good prices simply because people just do not want to store things, they would much rather have them out of the house so they have space for new items.  If you are a young family you can also pick up like new clothing for your children or babies, cribs, chairs and more.

Should you want to plan ahead for a garage sale or a yard sale please feel free to take advantage of my free classifieds on and since I do not charge for garage sale or yard sale advertising I might as well plug my website.   You can check my rankings simply by typing in your city and and free classifieds, as an example type in Zanesville, Ohio Free Classifieds.  In case you are wandering how I came up with this name a couple years back a lady contacted me and wanted me do create her a platform for people advertising products for sale, ie.  Free Classifieds so I created her this platform.  Then after I took the time to make her the site she decided she did not want it, so with a good name in hand I have optimized the website for rankings and this year added it to my National Road advertising platform to provide people with some great advertising opportunities.  Enough said.


Yardsale Season is just around the corner

Yardsale Season is just around the corner, time to pack up the kids and get some deals,  the kids love it also and they learn a good life lesson which is no price is the final price.   Everyone know’s that the price listed is not the final price, I hope!

When our kids were growing up they enjoyed the weekend yardsale and auction runs with the many deals that abound.  Plan your yardsales accordingly so that you are ready to deal. Nationalroadflyer (1)

If you are a Yardsale seller?

  1. Price your items above your bottom dollar so you always have some wiggle room, usually never price an item at what you will take for it as potential
    Yard Seller
    Yard Seller

    customers love to deal,  a deal is only achieved when you pay less than the asking price so it is imperative that if you want to sell the item than price it accordingly.

  2. Keep you area well organized so people can eyeball exactly where they want to be.  Remember also that this is a yardsale and you need to keep items cheap if you want to sell them.  When advertising high ticket items it is best to put them in your listing with the price so people will be more app to pay your price when they get there.  It is a good idea to put pictures in your listing also so they can see  the condition of the item you wish to sell.
  3. If possible try to plan the event when your neighbors are also having a sale as to keeps customers longer and bring more traffic.
  4. Try no getting in the habit of selling new items at your yardsale as then your sale really is a business and not a yardsale and would require additional licensing by the state depending on what you are selling.
  5. Post No-smoking signs around the area to prevent discomfort of some guests especially if they have children.

If you are a Yardsale buyer?

  1. Plan your route according for the kiddo’s so if you are making the day of it you either bring food or have a stopping point.
  2. If looking for large ticket items do your checking of prices online to see what comparables are selling for,  better yet with a smartphone you can check pricing when you are there as you can see the condition.
  3. If their price is high you can show them what other similar items are selling for online, probably get a better price also.
  4. If re-purposing make sure the item is not a valuable antique, otherwise your modifications may ruin the actual value.
  5. Remember negotiate,  if the price is $50. offer $25. and go up from their depending on how much you want the item.  Be ready though as if people hear you negotiating and you walk away someone may walk over and simply buy it for the lower price.

National Road Yard sales

If you happen to have a property located on the National Road you can always post your yardsale on Mamma’s Markets for free.   Presently the big event for the National Road Yard sale falls May 31 – June 4th though I would suggest planning other community yardsales if you are located on the National Road, US40 at other times also through the Summer,  Planning ahead is the key!