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American Road magazine has published an article on the National Road Yard Sale June 4th of this year. You must be a subscriber to actually view the article but the publication reaches millions of viewers so it is quite an honor, we need to thank Patricia McDaniels for her work on getting this article published.

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Dublin, Indiana Yard Sale

National Road Yard Sale 2016


Available will be furniture, fresh garden produce, glassware and collectibles. Individuals will also have the opportunity to explore America’s first coast-to-
coast highway, sample regionalNational Road Yard Sale 2018 - Patricia McDaniels
foods, feel the pulse of small towns, interact with other families, and enjoy the “thrill of the hunt.”

Please mark your calendars for the first Wednesday after Memorial Day each year.

Dublin, Ind., is the official headquarters of the yard sale, where the celebration of the 15th year will occur from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 30 at Old Storefront
Antiques. The celebration
includes door prizes and food.

For more information, contact Patricia McDaniel, Founder/Chairperson at 765-478-4809 or email at

National Road Yard Sale – 16 Years

National Road Yard Sale 2016

(of the past 16 years of the historic National Road Yard Sale)
A Historic National Road Yard Sale Blogette

Where has the time gone? It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve been the Founder/Chairperson of the Historic National Road Yard Sale For The Past 16 years!! Bullet points will be used to highlight some of my most memorable events:

—-The 16th Anniversary of the Historic National Road Yard Sale
will be May 29 -June 2, 2019.


…This information will be sent to as many of the 110 Ohio National
Road Association members is possible who reside on US 40 on
National Road in Ohio. Excluding approximately 35 members
from other parts of Ohio and nationwide, This means that the
are approximately 88 members of ONRA who reside in the 11
counties. This means that there are an average of 8 members
—–I plan to continue to remain as Chairperson of the Historic National Road
Sale For EONS!! It’s fun to constantly add to my repertoire of Historic
National Road Yard Sale although I’ll never be the HISTORIAN”S
National Road Yard Sale - 14 Years—-The following information will be also sent to all of the
convention and visitors bureaus along the National Road.
——After the information DISSEMINATION is completed for the
Great State Of Ohio, the material will then be sent to
the other five states which comprise the National Road
—–Other historical organizations, businesses, etc. will also
receive this information in all six states.
——There is –TIME PERMITTING–that this information will
also be distributed nationally. FOR CLARIFICATION: All
information beginning with the first word in this article, will
be included when sent to other historical and tourist-
related venues.
…As a Hoosier, I, too, like to explore the 824 miles of the Historic
National Road. My proseminar in history thesis in college
was based on the travels of Frederick Jackson Turner and
his theory of how the Westward expansion would change
America when there was no more country to explore. Travels
With Charley, On The Road, Listening To America and
Blue Highways were also pivotal books which encouraged
my love of traveling blue highways.
…Four round trip Promotional Tours-824 miles each way-have
provided an in-depth insight into what makes America’s First
Interstate special. Albert Gallatin are you listening?
…Sherman Burdette, a Fox 59 (Indianapolis) TV personality
came to Old Storefront Antiques ,, the official headquarters
for the Historic National Road Yard Sale, and interviewed Mr.
Boos, as well as Robert Nuss and myself, bright and early
the first day of the yard sale. Mr. Boos has now been made
the one and only OFFICIAL MASCOT of the Historic National
Road Yard Sale!!
—–Mr. Boos is the ONLY living creature with whom I care to
travel on the HNR. He’s quiet, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink
(anything but water), and is a wonderful emissary to all who
meet him!!
—–If you want a flyer with Mr. Boos as the focal point of the
2019 Historic National Road Yard Sale, feel free to e-mail me: or call 765-478-4809.
—An Official Press Release has already been released to the
media. E-mail above point for a copy.
—Each day, a National Road Yard Sale Blogette will be released
until the 16th Anniversary of the Historic National Road Yard
Sale. Approximately 1/6 of these Blogettes will pertain to a
special attribute of US 40 in IL, IN, OH, W VA, PA and MD.
—-A Public Group “Historic National Road Yard Sale Anecdotes”
is being developed. Individuals will be able to exchange
stories and memories about the HIstoric National Road with
updates occurring spontaneously.
—I’ve signed Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbooks with
Nora Roberts twice at her bookstore.
—-When Indiana celebrated its Bicentennial last year, I edited
a cookbook entitled “Decades Of Cookies Along The His-
toric National Road In Wayne County, Indiana as a patial
fulfillment for an Indiana Legacy Project.
—-The 16th Anniversary of the Historic National Road Yard Sale
will be May 29-June 2, 2019.
—-Thanks so much for reading the summarization of the first 15
years of the Historic National Road Yard Sale!! Please con-
sider sharing/reposting with as many individuals, tourist venues
as possible!! Everyone wants the 16 Anniversary of the
Historic National Road Yard Sale/Special Event in Dublin,
Indiana to be as well attended as possible!! —
—–Copyright Text by Patricia McDaniel–Founder/Chairperson/
Editor–Historic National Road Yard Sale/Cookbook.

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