National Road Yard Sale – 16 Years

National Road Yard Sale 2016

(of the past 16 years of the historic National Road Yard Sale)
A Historic National Road Yard Sale Blogette

Where has the time gone? It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve been the Founder/Chairperson of the Historic National Road Yard Sale For The Past 16 years!! Bullet points will be used to highlight some of my most memorable events:

—-The 16th Anniversary of the Historic National Road Yard Sale
will be May 29 -June 2, 2019.


…This information will be sent to as many of the 110 Ohio National
Road Association members is possible who reside on US 40 on
National Road in Ohio. Excluding approximately 35 members
from other parts of Ohio and nationwide, This means that the
are approximately 88 members of ONRA who reside in the 11
counties. This means that there are an average of 8 members
—–I plan to continue to remain as Chairperson of the Historic National Road
Sale For EONS!! It’s fun to constantly add to my repertoire of Historic
National Road Yard Sale although I’ll never be the HISTORIAN”S
National Road Yard Sale - 14 Years—-The following information will be also sent to all of the
convention and visitors bureaus along the National Road.
——After the information DISSEMINATION is completed for the
Great State Of Ohio, the material will then be sent to
the other five states which comprise the National Road
—–Other historical organizations, businesses, etc. will also
receive this information in all six states.
——There is –TIME PERMITTING–that this information will
also be distributed nationally. FOR CLARIFICATION: All
information beginning with the first word in this article, will
be included when sent to other historical and tourist-
related venues.
…As a Hoosier, I, too, like to explore the 824 miles of the Historic
National Road. My proseminar in history thesis in college
was based on the travels of Frederick Jackson Turner and
his theory of how the Westward expansion would change
America when there was no more country to explore. Travels
With Charley, On The Road, Listening To America and
Blue Highways were also pivotal books which encouraged
my love of traveling blue highways.
…Four round trip Promotional Tours-824 miles each way-have
provided an in-depth insight into what makes America’s First
Interstate special. Albert Gallatin are you listening?
…Sherman Burdette, a Fox 59 (Indianapolis) TV personality
came to Old Storefront Antiques ,, the official headquarters
for the Historic National Road Yard Sale, and interviewed Mr.
Boos, as well as Robert Nuss and myself, bright and early
the first day of the yard sale. Mr. Boos has now been made
the one and only OFFICIAL MASCOT of the Historic National
Road Yard Sale!!
—–Mr. Boos is the ONLY living creature with whom I care to
travel on the HNR. He’s quiet, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink
(anything but water), and is a wonderful emissary to all who
meet him!!
—–If you want a flyer with Mr. Boos as the focal point of the
2019 Historic National Road Yard Sale, feel free to e-mail me: or call 765-478-4809.
—An Official Press Release has already been released to the
media. E-mail above point for a copy.
—Each day, a National Road Yard Sale Blogette will be released
until the 16th Anniversary of the Historic National Road Yard
Sale. Approximately 1/6 of these Blogettes will pertain to a
special attribute of US 40 in IL, IN, OH, W VA, PA and MD.
—-A Public Group “Historic National Road Yard Sale Anecdotes”
is being developed. Individuals will be able to exchange
stories and memories about the HIstoric National Road with
updates occurring spontaneously.
—I’ve signed Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbooks with
Nora Roberts twice at her bookstore.
—-When Indiana celebrated its Bicentennial last year, I edited
a cookbook entitled “Decades Of Cookies Along The His-
toric National Road In Wayne County, Indiana as a patial
fulfillment for an Indiana Legacy Project.
—-The 16th Anniversary of the Historic National Road Yard Sale
will be May 29-June 2, 2019.
—-Thanks so much for reading the summarization of the first 15
years of the Historic National Road Yard Sale!! Please con-
sider sharing/reposting with as many individuals, tourist venues
as possible!! Everyone wants the 16 Anniversary of the
Historic National Road Yard Sale/Special Event in Dublin,
Indiana to be as well attended as possible!! —
—–Copyright Text by Patricia McDaniel–Founder/Chairperson/
Editor–Historic National Road Yard Sale/Cookbook.

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Yard Sale Packing List

Yard Sale Packing List
Robin Brown and Patricia McDaniel

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Yard Sale Survival KitPack a Cooler – It is important to stay hydrated! A cooler filled with ice cold water comes in very handy. Buy the little 8 ounce water bottles. If you are staying at hotels, you can fill the cooler with ice from the hotel ice machine.

Snacks – Depending on how quickly you move through the sale, it can be a long time before you get a meal.  Pack carrots, celery and grapes in baggies to store in the cooler as well as some pretzels, chips and granola bars to satiate hunger. Maybe even a cookie or two.

Packing Your Suitcase Travel light—you will want more room in the car for treasures! Pack a laundry bag for dirty clothing—you will not want to wear an outfit more than once. Late May, early June can be great weather during the day, but evenings and early mornings could be chilly. Pack a long sleeve shirt, windbreaker or sweatshirt. You may want to keep an extra change of clothing handy in case—dust, rain and general dirt with scrounging for treasures may mean you need to change during the day. Many hotels have washers and dryers so you could do a load of laundry during the trip. Throw a few detergent pods and fabric softener sheets in your bag. The hotel may or may not have these items for sale.   Sunscreen and Insect  Repellent  Caring for your skin is a must!   Pack that sunscreen! And no one wants a bug bite!

Bring a Hat
A hat will keep the sun at bay and will help keep you cool.

In addition to shielding those rays, vendors won’t see your eyes when negotiating.

Flush-able Wipes/Facial Tissue –  Pack a travel pack of flush-able wipes and carry it with you in your bag or backpack. Often, port-a-johns are your only option. As the sale progresses, toilet paper becomes scarce. If you cannot find flushable wipes, a pack of facial tissue will work just fine.  Hand Wipes and Hand Sanitizer  Between touching things that a thousand other people have touched, the hot, humid weather and not being able to wash your hands after using a port-a-john, — this is a definite necessity!   Maps and GPS -You don’t want to lose precious shopping time by being lost, do you?

Mini Trash Bags – Hefty makes these cute little trash bags in a cute little travel case. They are the size of a plastic grocery bag (OK, I guess you could just bring grocery bags). I find it helps keep the car tidy.  Tote/Packing Materials  Put a storage tote, or a box of some sort in your car. It helps keep the small items corralled. Packing materials such as bubble wrap or newspaper are helpful to have on hand as well. If you plan on purchasing furniture, a couple of old blankets will help prevent your treasure from being scratched.

Small Bags
Small, plastic zipped plastic bags are handy to keep smalls organized.  Rain Ponchos  These can be picked up at any big box store for a few dollars. A lot of vendors are under tents and will remain open if it rains.

Portable Umbrella
Bring a small umbrella that can fit in your bag. It may start raining when you are not near your car.

Extra Shoes
Those comfortable shoes may not be so comfortable after a day or two of traipsing through fields or treasure. A second pair of shoes in case you get a blister or step in something muddy, noxious or sticky and do not want to spend time cleaning them up at the immediate moment. Note: Another perfect use for those plastic grocery bags!

Tools  – A tape measure is a must. If you are looking for furniture, measure your space prior to the sale so you will know your purchase will fit your space.  Pack a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver as well as an adjustable wrench. Sometimes you need to take something apart to get it into your vehicle…

First Aid Kit  – Sometimes you have to wrestle someone to the ground to get the item you want—just kidding! A small first-aid kit is a good thing to have on hand. At the very least, take some bandages and anti-bacterial cleanser.

Cash/Credit Cards – Cash is the preferred method of payment on the sale. More and more vendors are taking credit cards, but cash is king! Bring bills in all denominations. The nearest ATM machine could be miles away. Take plenty of cash in small bills. How much you should take depends on your budget.

Price Guides
Using a smart phone is a great way to reference the going rate for an item. Printed pricing guides are also handy to check prices.

Note Pad and Pen
You may want to note your purchases and the price paid. The seller may also have a great story on the provenance of your purchase. Jot it down while it is fresh in your mind or at the hotel that evening.

When purchasing ephemera (paper items), the price is often written directly on the item. You may want to have a white vinyl (magic rub) eraser on hand to ensure the pencil marks can be completely removed. If the vendor has placed a price sticker directly on the piece, ask the vendor to remove it to ensure there are no smudges or tears on your treasure.

Magnifying Glass or Loupe
This will help in identifying maker’s marks.

Shoulder Bag/Backpack or Rolling Cart
If you are shopping a large field, you may want a bag to hold your cash, measuring tape, and those small items. You may also want a rolling cart to help haul those medium and larger items.

A magnet will help identify various metals.

This sale traverses our beautiful country. You will want to document the beautiful scenery, your adventures with your pals or those little bits of crazy that can be found along the way.

You may need an antacid when you have passed up that bargain sixty miles back. You will also want headache relievers as well as any of your regular medications.

Large Truck or Rental Trailer
Really assess how large your vehicle is. What can you really fit in there? How many friends will be with you? Think about renting a large van or truck or possibly a trailer to attach to your vehicle.

Emergency Equipment
Hopefully you won’t need a road flare or fire extinguisher, but you may be able to help a fellow yard-saler if you have one in your car!

Good Luck Charm
If you believe in such things, bring along that rabbit’s foot or whatever brings you luck. It can’t hurt to have that extra oomph to help find your treasure.

Yard-Saling Pals
Finally, a pleasant and patient companion that shares your passion for finding a deal is a must. Hopefully they are strong enough to help move furniture if needed! Someone in your group has some possess some mad negotiation skills—it never hurts to ask for the best price, but don’t be rude and criticize the merchandise or the price, move on, there are more treasures down the road. Patience is needed by all—this is a grass roots sale—the organizers of this sale are paid nothing for their efforts. People will park where they can and the traffic will sometimes move at a snail’s pace. Find the humor in the situation and just have a good laugh. Be kind to all and pass it on!


Yardsale Season is just around the corner

Yardsale Season is just around the corner, time to pack up the kids and get some deals,  the kids love it also and they learn a good life lesson which is no price is the final price.   Everyone know’s that the price listed is not the final price, I hope!

When our kids were growing up they enjoyed the weekend yardsale and auction runs with the many deals that abound.  Plan your yardsales accordingly so that you are ready to deal. Nationalroadflyer (1)

If you are a Yardsale seller?

  1. Price your items above your bottom dollar so you always have some wiggle room, usually never price an item at what you will take for it as potential
    Yard Seller
    Yard Seller

    customers love to deal,  a deal is only achieved when you pay less than the asking price so it is imperative that if you want to sell the item than price it accordingly.

  2. Keep you area well organized so people can eyeball exactly where they want to be.  Remember also that this is a yardsale and you need to keep items cheap if you want to sell them.  When advertising high ticket items it is best to put them in your listing with the price so people will be more app to pay your price when they get there.  It is a good idea to put pictures in your listing also so they can see  the condition of the item you wish to sell.
  3. If possible try to plan the event when your neighbors are also having a sale as to keeps customers longer and bring more traffic.
  4. Try no getting in the habit of selling new items at your yardsale as then your sale really is a business and not a yardsale and would require additional licensing by the state depending on what you are selling.
  5. Post No-smoking signs around the area to prevent discomfort of some guests especially if they have children.

If you are a Yardsale buyer?

  1. Plan your route according for the kiddo’s so if you are making the day of it you either bring food or have a stopping point.
  2. If looking for large ticket items do your checking of prices online to see what comparables are selling for,  better yet with a smartphone you can check pricing when you are there as you can see the condition.
  3. If their price is high you can show them what other similar items are selling for online, probably get a better price also.
  4. If re-purposing make sure the item is not a valuable antique, otherwise your modifications may ruin the actual value.
  5. Remember negotiate,  if the price is $50. offer $25. and go up from their depending on how much you want the item.  Be ready though as if people hear you negotiating and you walk away someone may walk over and simply buy it for the lower price.

National Road Yard sales

If you happen to have a property located on the National Road you can always post your yardsale on Mamma’s Markets for free.   Presently the big event for the National Road Yard sale falls May 31 – June 4th though I would suggest planning other community yardsales if you are located on the National Road, US40 at other times also through the Summer,  Planning ahead is the key!