Enjoy Traveling on the National Road

Enjoy Traveling on the National Road

Enjoy Traveling on the National Road
Enjoy Traveling on the
National Road

When making the trip just imagine 70 years ago families making the same trip and 40 was the main road and your traveled through many small towns along

the route.  Most of the lodging was Mom and pop motels as chain were just starting out, plus the restaurants are pretty much the same as the motels all independently owned and operated.  High end back then was getting a room with a black and white TV and air-conditioning then fast forward to today when people are not happy unless they have Jacuzzi tubs in the rooms and new everything.  Though I must say that I see people looking back to a much simpler time, even our youth are enjoying more of the simpler things where they also find much less stress.

Stepping Back to a Simpler Life

When making your trip plan on just enjoying a simpler life and find some nice independent properties to enjoy where you can enjoy walking around the property, sitting on a bench and just having a nice conversation with your partner enjoying something to drink, sure sounds relaxing doesn’t it.   It is simple as getting yourself in the frame of mind to simply relax and enjoy a trip into the past, just plan for a week or two long journey across US 40, the Historic National Road to really enjoy some of the great places to visit, eat and stay.   There are many chains available for those that do not want to enjoy the classic ambiance of diners and motels, though you will find some very nice independently owned motels along the National Road also.    Please take some time to view our business website NationalRoadEast.com to view the many things to see and do along the National Road.  If you don’t see a place let them know that it might not be a bad idea to place a listing on our site.

A good informational website on the National Road is Route40.net as this guy has been traveling the National road for years and the website is his passion, he spends many hours on updating the information.  Maybe as many hours as I spend on optimizing my sites,  well that might be a little over the top to expect.

Personally owning a business on the National Road I have a deep appreciation for the history and the businesses on the National Road.   I remember 37 years ago when I purchased my motel we were renting rooms back then for $12.00 a night and our weekly rates were $35.00 a week, also when we purchased our motel all of the rooms had not changed since the property was builtHistoric National Road.  The office had a cord board switchboard, what a nightmare back then you had to basically sit in the office all day answering and transferring calls. Back then we had all of the big time wrestlers staying with us each year when they had an event at the Secrest Auditorium, they use to practice out in the front yard.  Also there were many times when we had helicopters land in our front yard to get a room in the back section.  Well I could write a book on my experiences in the lodging business and the people that I encounter on a day to day basis.

Changes in Travel Business

Changes in travel business,  we see all to much businesses come and go plus even companies that have been handed down for generations mainly because they did not make the changes in the way they do business as the times change.   Over the years in our business also I have seen people change from where they appreciate things to simply expecting things.  Back in the beginning you just rented a room, there were no smoking and non-smoking,  then in the 80’s non-smoking rooms were added though if you had more than 10 or 12 those were the rooms that sat vacant then in the late 90’s it switched.  Also in the 60’s -70’s hotels and motels all had restaurants attached, mainly because at the time it was a great revenue generator and a convenience for travelers though as time progressed most of these properties only offered high price meals so people moved back to other alternatives and smaller hotels and motels got out of the restaurant business, then in the 80’s – 90’s all of the restaurants attached to motel and hotel along the interstate were closed.

Bed and Breakfasts – New type of Lodging

The early 2000 brought bed and breakfasts then the hotels and motels started providing breakfasts again for the guests as they were loosing business to the B&B’s,  though I think in a few more years we will see that go again as history has away of repeating itself and it appears properties that provide this are loosing money again since most properties that offer breakfasts normally 40 to 50 bucks over normal rates and now most negative reviews on what guests have available for breakfast.

Reviews / Serving Breakfasts

Personally I think roadside hotels and motels should leave breakfast to restaurant operators and concentrate on the customer experience at the their property.  Today we also see properties running based on reviews online which personally I think is can be a good thing if customers provide quality and informative reviews, which many reviews you see online today simply have no value,  many negative reviews are given because maybe the traveler was having a bad day, or a fight with his or her spouse, the kids are cranky, or the traveler is just mad at the world.  I feel the laws will change where if a customer posts a review based on problems in his life then he or she will be able to be sued or the reviews should simply be removed.

Also now with the bed bug craze to many times people blame the property when they are the ones traveling and can transport these little beasts,  once several month ago I had a guest stop in for a room and I noticed a bite on his neck,  I asked him where he stayed the night before and he stated a friends Travel the National Roadhouse.   I asked him to step outside and have a seat on the bench,  then I asked him if he would remove his shoes for which he did.  Guess what was in his shoes?  You guessed it about 5 of them just waiting for him to take them off.  Of course I did not allow him to stay though I am sure he went to the next property and did stay.  Additionally most properties take care of this problem as soon as they find out about it so rest assured that the lodging industry is aware that this does happen and simply is part of doing business.  Hotels and Motels do not breed these creatures, they are brought in by guests who unsuspectingly carry them from either their homes or other properties.  In many cases the guest that complains the loudest is usually the one that creates the problem and the establishment is left paying the price which is not cheap by the way to eliminate these pesky insects which by the way this cost will be past on to the customers anyways,  please take some time and read my article on posting a review.

More coming soon, thanks for reading!


Yardsale Season is just around the corner

Yardsale Season is just around the corner, time to pack up the kids and get some deals,  the kids love it also and they learn a good life lesson which is no price is the final price.   Everyone know’s that the price listed is not the final price, I hope!

When our kids were growing up they enjoyed the weekend yardsale and auction runs with the many deals that abound.  Plan your yardsales accordingly so that you are ready to deal. Nationalroadflyer (1)

If you are a Yardsale seller?

  1. Price your items above your bottom dollar so you always have some wiggle room, usually never price an item at what you will take for it as potential
    Yard Seller
    Yard Seller

    customers love to deal,  a deal is only achieved when you pay less than the asking price so it is imperative that if you want to sell the item than price it accordingly.

  2. Keep you area well organized so people can eyeball exactly where they want to be.  Remember also that this is a yardsale and you need to keep items cheap if you want to sell them.  When advertising high ticket items it is best to put them in your listing with the price so people will be more app to pay your price when they get there.  It is a good idea to put pictures in your listing also so they can see  the condition of the item you wish to sell.
  3. If possible try to plan the event when your neighbors are also having a sale as to keeps customers longer and bring more traffic.
  4. Try no getting in the habit of selling new items at your yardsale as then your sale really is a business and not a yardsale and would require additional licensing by the state depending on what you are selling.
  5. Post No-smoking signs around the area to prevent discomfort of some guests especially if they have children.

If you are a Yardsale buyer?

  1. Plan your route according for the kiddo’s so if you are making the day of it you either bring food or have a stopping point.
  2. If looking for large ticket items do your checking of prices online to see what comparables are selling for,  better yet with a smartphone you can check pricing when you are there as you can see the condition.
  3. If their price is high you can show them what other similar items are selling for online, probably get a better price also.
  4. If re-purposing make sure the item is not a valuable antique, otherwise your modifications may ruin the actual value.
  5. Remember negotiate,  if the price is $50. offer $25. and go up from their depending on how much you want the item.  Be ready though as if people hear you negotiating and you walk away someone may walk over and simply buy it for the lower price.

National Road Yard sales

If you happen to have a property located on the National Road you can always post your yardsale on Mamma’s Markets for free.   Presently the big event for the National Road Yard sale falls May 31 – June 4th though I would suggest planning other community yardsales if you are located on the National Road, US40 at other times also through the Summer,  Planning ahead is the key!